About Us



Feathered Friends Forever Rescue / Sanctuary Since 1997

We have outgrown 3 smaller locations since 1997. We now are in Harlem, Ga on 13 acres, 14 flights and 607 birds. We plan to add another larger flight that will allow us to care for up to 2,500 parrots on the property. 


For years, we have taken the care and 

welfare of our exotic flock to all new levels. We now have to take a giant leap into the future of the birds and the rescue/sanctuary.

We have always had outdoor flights as flocks, their natural way to survive in the wild. Over the years, we have built what we thought were some great flight areas. As weather began taking its toll, it was time to start replacing flights with new, state of the art ones, automatic heat, automatic misters and automatic feeders, with each new one, more improvements and changes for the betterment of the birds.