Shelby, affectionately known to us as Birdzilla, is one of our permanent residents at Feathered Friends Forever. Originally from Alaska, Shelby is a Miligold Macaw (a cross between a Blue & Gold Macaw and a Military Macaw). 

Hybrids, such as Shelby, are not reflective of a natural breeding situation. In the wild, this mixing of the gene pool does not exist. Perhaps this, combined with the abuse he suffered,  may account for his viciousness.

Prior to arriving at our facility, Shelby put 6 people, including his owner and veterinarian, in the hospital requiring reconstructive surgery. His attacks became so ferocious, the owner contemplated euthanasia. 

Instead, Shelby was sent to us to live out the rest of his life. His home, an 8-foot octagon aviary complete with his own pond, was provided by Author Kira Johns.

Visitors are cautioned to keep a safe distance from Shelby and to never put their fingers near his aviary. Shelby doesn't just bite, he will bury his beak into your flesh as far as it will go. 

In recent years, Shelby has found a human friend in volunteer Britney.