As we continue to grow, our policies must adapt accordingly.

Taking reservations for parrots that will be entrusted to our care will enable us to project and therefore ensure that our feathered residents receive the quality and continuation of care you want for them and they so deserve. 

We currently have hundreds of birds and we expect the numbers to continue to increase over the next few years. The new outdoor aviaries that are now under construction will accommodate the permanent resident parrots already residing at the rescue but we also want to look ahead in preparation for meeting the needs of our incoming future residents.

Plans are underway to include additional outdoor aviaries to handle up to 2,500 birds. At that point, Feathered Friends Forever will be at full capacity. 

For those of you planning to place your parrots at Feathered Friends Forever, now is the time to make your reservations. 

We need to have an accurate number of future residents that are scheduled to be here at our facility. We have set a standard reservation fee based on the size and type of the bird. These advanced reservation fees are to insure that we have sufficient space to accept your parrot. Please see our Permanent Residence: Advanced Reservations fee structure below.

If you do not make advance reservations for permanent placement of your parrot, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to accommodate your bird. If a space is available, an incoming fee will apply.  Please see our Permanent Residence: No Advanced Reservations fee structure below.


Failure to maintain monthly support payments will result in your parrot(s) becoming adoptable.