This is to talk about our wonderful Butterfly Garden. When you first come to the rescue you can walk through and enjoy all the butterflies. We are a Certified Monarch Garden. We have plants that Monarchs love to eat and lay eggs on. Did you know similar to the migrating birds, the monarch butterflies use the clear advantage of updrafts of warm air, called “thermals" and glide as they migrate, to preserve the energy required for flapping their wings all the through the long 2500 mile voyage from the Great Lakes in Canada to the warm Central Mexican Oyamel fir forests in the Michoacan hills. They rest there through winter and then complete their migration Northwards in search of milkweed plants in the Eastern United States. 

We usually see quite a few Monarch butterflies around the rescue and in our Butterfly Garden in the spring/summer. There are colorful signs full of tons of information about butterflies, the plants and more in our garden. Come visit us and see!