Meet Our Team


Ron - Staff Member On Site/CEO

Larry - Staff Member On Site

Danielle - Volunteer

Tammy -  Staff Member On Site

Maxine - Owner of Birds on the Brink

Sally - Volunteer

DJ - Bee keeper/Volunteer

Michael - Volunteer

Britney - Volunteer

Patty - Volunteer

Bob - Volunteer

Dr. Robillard - Avian Vet

If interested in volunteering

Please E-mail

There are many chores to be done around the rescue. Handling birds or being around birds are not a requirement. We will work around your comfort level.

Visit Us


Come visit our facility and walk 13 acres of grounds with our Certified Monarch Butterfly Garden.

Also our science center featuring Sarah's Butterfly World and The Hatch Hut. Our Augmented Reality center.  

Feathered Friends is open

Saturday and Sunday 11am - 4pm

Birds On The Brink: Sarah's Butterfly World and The Hatch Hut is open

Saturday 11am - 3pm or by group scheduled/school tour appointment

*Together they are $10 per person*

Groups by appointment only

and School tours are welcome

Please E-mail

We recommend wearing tennis shoes year round and bring bug spray in warmer months.

Our Mission


 "It's About The Birds"  Feathered Friends Forever Rescue/Sanctuary provides a permanent home for many abused and neglected birds. If not for us many of these birds would be put down as they are not adoptable.
We are the largest Rescue in America and the 3rd largest in the world.
Feathered Friends provides a home to our military's birds free of charged while they are deployed. 42 states have shipped birds to us.  When people have passed and have no will, their birds are shipped to us. Government agencies have seized birds from breeders/owners and in natural disasters shipped birds to us, as we are the only facility large enough to receive quantities of birds.
We adopt out birds that are adoptable when possible.  To learn more click on 'Birds' on our menu.

Feathered Friends Forever Inc. is a 501c3

Help Us Out

 Feathered Friends Forever Rescue/Refuge, is the largest privately owned rescue/refuge in the nation. We are a 501(c) non-profit corporation. At Feathered Friends Forever, we provide a loving, lifelong, care home for tropical birds. We take in all types, for any reason, under any circumstance. Troops temporarily house birds with us while deployed overseas. In addition, we are listed with FEMA as a location to temporarily house birds after disaster strikes.

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Our affiliates are At Home Again Rescue and West Michigan Avian Rescue & Support Services