Placing your Parrot

Placing Your Parrot at Feathered Friends Forever 

We will all encounter unexpected changes during our lifetime and sadly, some of these may impact our beloved birds in negative ways. It’s difficult to find the right new home for your parrot unless you have friends or family that understand and love your bird.

Feathered Friends Forever Rescue can assist with your decision to place your feathered family member here at our parrot rescue and sanctuary. This may be a short visit during relocation or family reorganization, or a permanent placement if that’s best for you and your bird. 

Parrots are very sensitive to family stress and may react with negativity or plucking. Divorce, moving or other life changes may occur where you cannot provide proper care and time for your parrot. Military deployment may require your bird to stay with us until you return home. Hundreds of birds from various backgrounds have found their way to Feathered Friends from across the United States. Some are permanent residents, some get adopted and some are vacationing here while their humans are otherwise occupied.

Financial Support:

Since we operate solely on donations, your financial support is necessary to both your family companion and the continued success of the Rescue. Several factors are evaluated to ensure proper funding is present for your parrot. Medical care, food requirements, special needs and maintenance are just a few of the necessities of parrot care. In order to continue to accept new birds, we must have the resources to support the existing flock first. Therefore, we will require donations for all aspects of placement. 

Last will and Testament Permanent Placement at Feathered Friends:

Feathered Friends Forever has been hard at work on a new $250,000.00 construction project, with 2 of the first stage of flights completed and occupied. Now is the time for those of you who have contacted the Rescue about placing birds with us in permanent residence as a final request to state your intentions formally and secure a future spot for your bird. We are currently processing reservations for all incoming birds designated for care and placement at the Rescue in the event of your or your family's demise.

As the Rescue continues to grow, our policies must adapted accordingly. Taking reservations for birds that will be entrusted to our care will enable us to project and thereby ensure our feathered residents receive the quality and continuation of care you would want for them and they so deserve. We currently have nearly 1300 birds and we expect the numbers will continue to increase over the next few years. The new parrot habitats now under construction will accommodate the permanent resident birds already here at the Rescue but we also want to look ahead in preparation for meeting the needs of our incoming future residents.

Plans are underway to include additional new habitat areas to handle up to 2,500 birds. At that point Feathered Friends will be full. For those of you planning to place your birds at the rescue it is time to make your reservations. We need to have an accurate number for future residents that are scheduled to be here at the rescue. We have set a standard reservation fee based on the size and type of the bird. Large birds ( Macaws and large Cockatoos ) $5,000.00 Medium birds ( Small Macaws, Amazons, African Greys and small cockatoos ) $3,500.00 Small Birds ( Conures and similar size birds ) $1,500.00

These fees will guarantee your birds a permanent home here at   Feathered Friends. Payments can be made up to 60 months interest free. This was not an easy decision for the rescue to make, but as the number of incoming birds has grown rapidly over the last 24 months we feel it is the only fair way of guaranteeing places to people that have claimed that their birds were to be placed here at the rescue in permanent residence upon their demise.

For those wishing to have their Birds spaces reserved we will need the following information with your payments.

  • Owners name, address, telephone number
  • type of bird or birds, their name and age if known and a picture if possible.
  • Also any special needs of each bird to be placed at the rescue.

This will allow the rescue to add to the new habitat construction plans to accommodate all future incoming birds. Each reservation will have a folder made for each and every incoming bird containing all of the above information.

With Feathered Friends being set up as a trust for the birds the rescue cannot be sold, our Board of Directors has presently designated 3 well-trained personnel to take charge in future years if needed. As far as the permanent placed birds here now, they already have a reserved space providing the owners continue to pay their bird support. Again, if you fail to maintain payments for a period of 90 days we have no choice but to post your bird as adoptable. We regret having to make these decisions, but with the rising cost of bird food, toys and other operational expenses of the rescue we just cannot continue to support the birds that you promised to provide for when they were placed here at the rescue.

Permanent Residence:

When placing your bird in a permanent residency program, you need to support it with a monthly or annual payment plan. This can be established with your bank, credit card or PayPal. Estate planning and Estate entrusted parrots require proper   paperwork to ensure proper placement. Our Estate planners can provide assistance   in this area if needed. If a bird is placed as a permanent resident by an   estate and the estate financial means fail to maintain the bird, it then becomes the responsibility of Feathered Friends Forever to maintain the said birds in a forever care. With hundreds of owners defaulting on support payments for birds that are in permanent residence at the Rescue, we find it necessary to make changes to our Permanent Placement Program. The daily operating cost for maintaining a single bird has soared to $170 over the course of the last several years and we are hard-pressed with keeping up financially.

As of January 1, 2011 the rescue will have fixed rates for placing birds here at the rescue.

Macaws and Large Cockatoos
 $1,500.00 check in and processing at arrival, Minimum of $100.00 per month on   bank draft or credit card.

Small and Med Cockatoos and small macaws
 $1,200.00 check in and processing fee at arrival, Minimum $75.00 per month on   bank draft or credit card

Amazons and African Greys
 $600.00 check in and processing fee at arrival, Minimum $50.00 per month on   bank draft or credit card.

Conure and similar sizes
 $250.00 check in and processing fee at arrival, Minimum $25.00 per month on   bank draft or credit card.

Small birds. Parakeets, finches, etc.
 $25.00 check in and processing fee at arrival. Minimum $10.00 per month on   bank draft or credit card. 

Change of Address:

If you move, please make certain that we have your new address, phone and email information. 

Adoptive or Permanent Placement:

There are times when a parrot and a family find themselves in an incompatible relationship. This is when the humans discover they are not the best matches for their beloved parrot. Feathered Friends Forever can assist by evaluating the parrot’s behaviors, physical health and wellbeing, along with the same factors for the family members. Like any relationship, sometimes there are irreconcilable differences and everyone is better off going their separate ways.

If the parrot is an adoptable candidate we work very hard to find proper placement in a new home. It is substantially better for the parrot to live in a permanent home with a compatible and happy family. If the parrot is not suitable to become someone’s loving pet, then it will remain a permanent resident at the Rescue.

Abandoned Birds:

Sad as it may seem, some folks simply drop off their family member, discontinue financial support and are never heard from again. Would you do this to your parent or child who you placed in the assisted living facility? We like to believe that all parrot owners are responsible, caring people.

If you agree to monthly or annual support, please make sure that you honor your commitment. Should your personal situation change or you have financial issues, just let us know and we will do what we can to accommodate this until you recover. Hopefully, everyone has provided for their companion in their estate planning should something unforeseen happen. Remember that most of these birds will outlive all of us.

However, if it appears that someone has abandoned their bird here, after 90 days we will try to contact them by phone, email and postal mail. If there is no response, we will consider this parrot property of the Rescue and try to find a home or other placement.


Whether your decision is to sanctuary or adopt out your parrot Feathered Friends Forever will help your bird find a new life. Please contact us in advance so we can be ready for your bird’s arrival.

When bringing your beloved pet to the Rescue, it is important that it has the best start possible conditions during the transition. Please bring his/her cage, toys and belongings and at least a 30 day supply of his/her favorite foods. It is emotionally difficult for anyone to be taken away from home, family, toys, foods and normal environment all at once. These things will help your bird adjust better and feel more stable during the transitions. Be sure to write down things like vocabulary, special treats,   routines and things that may frighten your bird.

If you are shipping your pet with the airlines, make certain that weather conditions along the entire route are not severe and there are no anticipated flight delays. Make all arrangements in advance and notify the Rescue when you check your bird in. Be certain the bird’s carrier is secured and well-marked including 24/7 phone numbers with contact information. Fresh fruit can be a travel substitute for water and food.

Birds that are traveling in a vehicle must be protected for extremes of heat, cold and drafts. Keep your bird away from air conditioning or heat vents, direct sunlight and open windows when driving. Treat your bird with the same care that you would give a human infant. Make sure there is fresh water and some food during the ride. Never transport a bird in the back of a truck where wind, road debris and exhaust fumes could be deadly.

If you are bringing your bird to the Rescue, be prepared for the emotional impact of leaving your dear friend with us, and feel free to spend some time together before you leave.

Feathered Friends Forever cares for these birds with donations from generous people like you and we appreciate your continued contribution of financial support for your bird during its residence or until we can find a new home. Remember that this is one of your family members and you are welcome to visit whenever possible.


Have any questions or would like to continue with placing your parrot at Feathered Friends Forever? Contact us!