The Special Needs Pavilion is the first stop for visitors at the rescue. Completed in 2017, the Pavilion is now home to our "Odd Couple." Hannah, a blue-and-gold macaw, and Coca, a sun conure, live in one of the two octagon aviaries in our Pavilion.  Fresh, parrot-friendly vegetables are grown in wooden planters and fed to the parrots when ripe.  The pergola provides shade and a built-in misting system is utilized in the hot, summer months. The custom-made water feature provides a  beautiful backdrop  for photo opportunities. Two concrete benches and a nearby seating area provide a relaxing atmosphere for visitors to sit and watch the "Odd Couple's" antics.

Funds for the Special Needs Pavilion were made possible thanks to Author Kira Johns and her Authors for the Birds auction events.