At Feathered Friends Forever, we believe that a parrot should be a parrot.

Many of the parrots in our care come from less than desirable pasts.  Unfortunately, abuse and neglect have become a common theme when it comes to the treatment of animals. In these circumstances, it comes as no surprise when a parrot arrives at our facility distrusting of humans. 

None of our residents will ever have the opportunity to experience freedom in the wild, but we feel it is our responsibility to allow them to find the peace and tranquility that they deserve. 

The sanctuary portion of our facility contains twelve outdoor aviaries where these creatures can live as they would in the wild - in a flock. Each of our newly designed aviaries contains an in-flight pond, misting system and infrared heaters. 

Although we do not have the capabilities to provide them with everything they would have in their natural habitat, our aviaries do give them the freedom  to be a bird.