Created to provide our outdoor aviaries with a continuous supply of fresh drinking water, our BioPond is much more than meets the eye.  At first glance, visitors see a large koi pond complete with a waterfall and a variety of plants; but it's what they don't see that makes our 10,000+ gallon BioPond so ingenious. 

With the aid of four (4) 1.5 HP Hayward Power-Flo pumps, 320 gallons of water per minute is circulated through our unique BioPond and a refined particulate filtration system. It is then introduced to high intensity UV lighting before being pumped through 3 miles of underground plumbing, which supplies six (6) of our aviary containment ponds with fresh, clean water. The water in the aviaries is then returned to the koi pond, where particles of  bird food and seed become a source of nutrition for the fish. 

In simpler terms: the koi eat food and then excrete waste.  This waste produces a natural bacteria that converts the ammonia into nitrates. The nitrates are then absorbed by the plants as a source of nutrients. Oxygenation occurs by the water cascading over the rocks, which in turn breaks the surface tension and exchanges carbon dioxide for oxygen. The pumps force water through the filtration system which removes particulates from the supply. Then, the UV lights provide sterilization of the water, eliminating algae and harmful bacteria.

Because the water is constantly moving, it stays cold which makes it less susceptible to bacteria and never gets stagnant. Our unique way of providing chemical-free, clean drinking water to our flock!