Located in Harlem, Georgia, the sanctuary is a fun and forever home for birds and other living beings, including a 100-pound tortoise, that are on the endangered or threatened list. Birds on the Brink is committed to sharing, celebrating and finding new ways of connecting with all the living things we encounter at the Sanctuary every day. We are a place….

  • where birds can be birds, not pets
  • to explore how magically birds, bees, and butterflies see the world through ultraviolet vision
  • for you to enjoy our colorful and busy Certified Monarch Butterfly Habitat
  • to connect and chat with our birds
  • to be introduced to the unseen reality of fluorescence in plants, in ocean life and in minerals
  • to experience our augmented (AR) and virtual (VR) reality classroom, where the rainforest animals and minerals come to life
  • where interaction with artificial intelligence (AI) and mind-expanding 3D Hologram Technology is experienced

Birds on the Brink supports the community through our education programs, at the sanctuary, in schools, libraries and communities throughout the region. Our Educational Goal is to offer an immersive, multi-sensory strategy allowing visitors to have their own unique experience, and what better way is there to learn? We are confident that if we can “Excite a Child’s Curiosity" to discover, imagine, explore and express their experience, we will have helped awaken their potential. Birds on the Brink empowers children to become responsible environmental stewards through active, engaging, educational experiences. Our educational experiences have been created to support the Georgia Standards of Excellence. It has diverse offerings for grades K to 12. From guided explorations to school presentation experiences, or we can create an experience that will fit your student learning outcomes.

We hope to see you soon!


John Rofrano (Birds on the Brink Sanctuary)

(404) 735-7280 email: jrofrano@comcast.net